Revolutionizing the OOH Industry

How to get your customers to listen and pay

Olkapiads was created to change the status quo. We had two problems that we wanted to solve, the first was how we could create viral campaigns for brands to increase their market share and the second was how we could help drivers to earn extra income without any investment on their part. Being a technology company, it took us 12 months to figure out the best model. What if we could map the entire city {Like Google did when Mapping roads}. Instead of Mapping the road, however, why not the population? Would it not make sense for brands to know how many people they are targeting and in real-time?

The Process

For example, at 10 am, there are 100 people at point B, at 10:15 am, there are 200 people at point B. At 10:30 am there are 250 people at point B … 1 Pm there are 300 people at point B and so on and so on until 10 am the following day and the sequence starts again. Now, instead of targeting point B, we target A….to….Z, In short, the entire city.

Using Drivers to Get Your Message Across

Sadly, outdoor advertising has remained constant for the last 40 years. A billboard is erected on a major road and the brand is “convinced” that people are going to recognize it. Do not get us wrong; we are not saying this method is ineffective {It has existed since the Roman times} trying to claim this will only receive backlash. What we are claiming is that there is a better way to attract customers as it is 3X more effective. Imagine a car that is moving alongside or in front of you with a creative,eye-catching and eye-level 2D or 3D model on it for a period of time. This does not happen once or twice, it can happen as many times as the number of months and the number of cars with creative ads that have that brand.

To go places and do things that have never been done before – that’s what living is all about.

The Future

Once we collect this data, we analyze it and provide it to brands. However, the data is useless unless it is validated and that is where the drivers come in. We create employment to high mileage drivers who drive around with creative and eye-catching stickers on their car.
1] What if drivers could help us verify this {Position}?
2} What if Drivers would be used instead of billboards?
This is how olkapaids started. We want to revolutionize the OOH industry cause we like to do things differently. We like to change the status quo. Make advertising viral, fun and data-driven and most important Value-driven.

Why Revolutionize the OOH Sector?

Though most will argue that the traditional OOH sector is effective, no one is discounting this fact. What we are saying is that revolutionizing the sector will do the following;
• Depending on the product there is a 15% increase in sales within 30 days
• It reaches 5x more people than traditional outdoor advertising mediums
• Create thousands of jobs for drivers and third party players
• It makes it possible for brands to grow their market share 2x faster than traditional mediums
• It will be easier for enterprises/brands to measure and plan their growth
• Brands will be able to scale and descale their campaign withing days
The OOH sector will change. Change has always been resisted but it is necessary for growth. Companies that will be the first to `adapt to this new system have the advantage to give themselves a competitive edge over their competitors.
This is the time for growing brands to stop running but start flying.

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