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Using Advertisement to help Small and Medium Enterprises to Thrive

One year ago, we started an advertising journey to create a model that would make it possible for all businesses to have an equal playing field. Big or small, the model had to work for all. Did you know that you have to spend 3X the marketing budget of your competitors to gain their market share? Yes, it is not that easy!

Using Analytics to Capture Market Share

Most businesses, especially SMEs face one major hurdle and that is how to grow their market share. At the moment they can decide to use social media, hire a Billboard, Radio or TV. But how many SMEs can afford these channels? How many can do it sustainably without burning their operating capital? Marketing is expensive and according to statistics and present trends, marketing budgets will continue to rise as well as the cost. However, what if you could be able to reach thousands of potential clients in an effective and sustainable manner without burning your operating capital? Would this not be helpful to your business? What if you could use analytical data to know who your customers are, what time they should be targeted and where to target them.

Using Drivers to Get Your Message Across

Sadly, outdoor advertising has remained constant for the last 40 years. A billboard is erected on a major road and the brand is “convinced” that people are going to recognize it. Do not get us wrong; we are not saying this method is ineffective {It has existed since the Roman times} trying to claim this will only receive backlash. What we are claiming is that there is a better way to attract customers as it is 3X more effective. Imagine a car that is moving alongside or in front of you with a creative,eye-catching and eye-level 2D or 3D model on it for a period of time. This does not happen once or twice, it can happen as many times as the number of months and the number of cars with creative ads that have that brand.

We are small,sorrounded by small people but guess what? We tell the greatest of stories ever

Paying Drivers to Become Brand Ambassadors

When we recruit drivers we make sure they are high mileage drivers. This means they can drive for 100-150 kilometers a day. As they drive around with your brand wrapped on their cars they expose your brand/product to thousands of potential customers a day.

Example 1

Depending on the route expect an average of 50 people per kilometer. A 100-kilometer drive would expose your brand to 5,000 people. What if it is 10 cars? That is 50,000 people a day. For one month you have reached 1,500,000 people. In the end, we decentralize the income generated and share it to drivers who get additional income by being contracted monthly.

Olkapiads; Helping Small and Medium Enterprises to Thrive

Most small and medium enterprises find it almost impossible to sustain a ksh.130,000/unit bill for an outdoor advert/campaign. So they are forced to rely on Facebook. But here is the catch, Facebook only has 5 million subscribers in Kenya and less than 2 million are active on Facebook.

What about the 48 million potential customers who are not on Facebook?

Olkapiads reduces the cost of outdoor advertising by outsourcing this service to drivers. In the process we reduce costs by more than 60% while at the same time making it possible for small and big companies to compete at an equal playing field. We envision a world where small and medium companies will not have to close shop because they can not afford to advertise their services to consumers. We envision a world where every company will thrive because they can grow their market share at the cost of a simple phone