Increase Your Uber Kenya Driver income?
Increase Your Uber Kenya Driver income?

A Message from the Director

"Hi there! Are you an Uber Kenya driver? a Little Cab driver? Or a Bolt partner? We have a shortage of drivers, and we need you. We started this company to help companies in Kenya better convince consumers to buy their products.

However, to solve this problem, we require your help. Your work will be to drive around as you usually do and get paid for it.
In the process, you not only earn passive income, but you also help other companies stay in business. This is an interconnected chain where we all require each other. I believe by doing this; you will be able to increase your uber monthly income/ taxi income by earning passive income for rent or even school fees.
I wake up every day for one main reason, to create and maintain jobs. I hope what we have created will put a smile on your face and that of your family, by making your taxi business in Kenya more profitable."

At the moment we have more than 1000+ Uber Kenya drivers and 1000+ Little Cab drivers. We also have 150 kenya bus service drivers who ensure Exposure Recognition and Trust for our clients.


Key features of our company

Team work

We work hand in hand with all our Drivers because apart from being part of our team, you are our family.

Timely payment

We ensure above anything else that we pay you, our esteemed drivers and owners in time because you are a big part in making our business successful


Olkapiads is here for you, no dark spots, every relevant information from movement, payment and any other statistics will always be timely relayed


Well, there is no difficult formula of how this works its get in and start eaning as soon as possible


Sign Up

We will ask you a few questions to know where you usually drive and spend your time

The Matching Process

Based on the information provided, we will then match you with a brand in your area as soon as possible.

Drive and Make Money

We will send you a job invite and if you accept your car will be wrapped at our cost.

Unwrapping Process

Once the campaign is deactivated, the wrap will be removed by one our company representatives.


In Collaboration with our partners, and other advertising agencies in Kenya


Lets get in touch. Send us a message:

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +254739101200

Email: info@olkapiads.com